Who created
Kingdomware Technologies, Inc. (KT) created KT is an information technology firm specializing in software development and business management consulting and services. KT develops custom (32bit, web & wireless) applications and provides both custom programming services and specialized management consulting and services on a contract/fee basis. KT provides technology, web and software solutions to enterprise problems.

Also an applications service provider, KT develops and web-enables interactive database applications that support businesses in the areas of financial management, human resources, and technology infrastructure. Kingdomware Technologies provides corresponding business services in the areas of project, change and technology management.

More information on KT's products and services can be found at

What is and why was it developed? is a web-based application developed to help Government Contractors easily calculate their indirect rates and obtain indirect reporting information for both internal management and government review and audit purposes. This site is designed so that users of QuickBooks, Peachtree, or any other spreadsheet or accounting package (with our Custom Template) can use their current accounting system's data to produce indirect reports found only in more expensive Government Contracting accounting systems.

What about the security of the site and the privacy of my data?
KT secures through SSL, which is evidenced by the golden security lock found in the bottom status bar. KT tracks all IP addresses and times of entry to the site. More details on the privacy and security of the site can be found in the Terms of End User Service Agreement.

What does assume?
1. assumes that you/your company own(s) a valid license(s) to either a) a QuickBooks product or to b) a Peachtree product or c) or another accounting product along with a spreadsheet package.

2. assumes that you classify your accounts according to the chart of accounts standard which is that assets begin with the number one, liabilities with two, equity with three, revenue with four, cost of goods or other directs with five, and expenses and other costs with numbers six through nine.

3. assumes that you/your company/your accountant are familiar with indirect rate terminology and can classify your costs into the following cost categories: General and Administrative, Unallowable, Client Site Direct Labor, Company Site Direct Labor, Other Direct Costs, Fringe Benefits, Client Site Overhead, Company Site Overhead, Bid and Proposal and Research and Development.

How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, simply Contact Us prior to the 8th of the month of your next quarterly cycle. (For example, if your service is from April through July, simply send us a note by July 8th.) We'll send you a brief exit survey to complete and confirmation of your cancellation.

Are there other questions about that you would like answered?
If so, contact us at Contact Us.

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