What if I have a bookkeeper or an accountant who handles all of the financial stuff?
Subscribe to the service or purchase the downloadable software and let him/her use your account to produce the results that you need. This will lower your costs (reduce operating costs) and allow them to be more productive (increase productivity) in other areas for your company.

Why should I subscribe if my accountant has already calculated my indirect rates?
To help you analyze your actual indirect rates incurred versus those you bid (that the accountant prepared for you) anytime you want to. Also because your company is likely to experience challenges that you may want to be prepared for (i.e. staffing increases, decreases). You can easily upload any number of files to help you with your "What If" scenario analysis at anytime. (Going through "What If" scenario analysis and being available anytime you want to do analysis--may not necessarily be convenient for your accountant's schedule.)

What are some of the value added benefits if I already know my indirect rates and have set up my own process to calculate them?
By subscribing to our service, you will not only be able to save time (reduce cycle time) compared to a manual process but also alleviate any frustration that might come along with it. The number of reports and charts that are instantly generated (automation) may take you weeks to prepare manually. You can also know that all of your important database files are safely secured in one place (data management), so you don't have to go to multiple places to find them.

How can using the service offer my company a competitive advantage?
If you are using QuickBooks, Peachtree, any other accounting system or a spreadsheet product and bidding and servicing government contracts, you know that determining the required indirect rates can be time-consuming, complicated and costly. Until now, your only options have been expensive software costing thousands of dollars or countless man-hours required of internal personnel or high-cost accountants. You will have an advantage over other businesses that use QuickBooks, Peachtree, any other accounting system or a spreadsheet  program and do not use our service or purchase our downloadable software because you have the ability to instantaneously produce rates and reports that they don't. You will also know exactly why you are profitable/not profitable and which things are costing you more or less than you anticipated. Now your company can more easily compete against other companies that have indirect rates and reporting built into their accounting systems.

What are some of the ways that I can use my rates, reports and charts?
1) Contract Bidding - for use in preparing the cost proposal
2) Internal Management Review and Analysis - to determine profitability
3) Auditing and Review Purposes - to prepare you for a government audit
4) Competitive Industry Comparisons - to see how you fare competitively
5) Past Performance Analysis - to analyze how you did in the past
6) Current Performance Analysis - to analyze present performance
7) Future Projections - to prepare for future opportunities
8) Scenario Analysis - to perform your own "what if" analysis

What are some of the other value added benefits of subscribing?
You will have 24x7 access to an easy to use system. You can easily maximize your return on investment and increase your productivity (decrease manual labor hours involved) by just simply subscribing and using the service.

How will subscribing empower me?
You will be able to tell whether your company is operating within the indirect rate structure you have bid in cost proposals. You will know why your company is making or losing money on contracts. You will get calculations in minutes versus the time it is taking you and your team now to generate the rate information that you need.

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