Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the desktop software and the subscription service cost?
Current desktop pricing can be found here.
Current subscription pricing can be found on the registration screen.

How can I get a quick overview of how the site works?
Click here for a brief overview.

How can I get a free trial of the subscription service?
We do not give free trials but we do allow you to register for an immediate demo account which allows you to see what the service would be like if you registered for a subscription account or similarly see how the downloadable software would look if purchased. Instructions for an immediate demo account follow.

How can I see an existing sample file with data, instructions, reports and charts
so I will understand how the site works prior to signing up?
(You will not be able to upload your own data or change any data.)

1)To see a sample account, go here and request a demo.

What are the differences between the subscription service and the desktop version?
Both provide the same functionality. The desktop version has a similar interface to the subscription and allows you to export your data into an Excel spreadsheet and into Adobe pdf format.

Where are the client testimonials for your service?
Due to the nature of indirect rates and our commitment to privacy for our clients, we do not provide any information to others on who is using our service but what we will say is that our clients have spanned every industry and have been for profit businesses (government contractors and other businesses) as well as non-profits.

Why should I sign up as a Custom Template user?
Since debuted in late 2000, we have had a number of requests to support many different accounting packages (Great Plains, MAS 90 etc.). What we have found is that most of these accounting packages allow users the ability to extract or copy data into a spreadsheet format. As a result, we created a custom spreadsheet to allow users of other accounting packages the ability to use our subscription service or purchase and use our downloadable software.

How often can I access the site and my account?
The site is accessible at anytime--24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I generate my own pools outside in addition to the standard ones included with your service or in your software?
Yes. You can create your own pools or account types. 

Which rates are generated by this site?
Fringe Benefits Rate
Company Site Overhead Rate
Client Site Overhead Rate
General & Administrative Rate
Total Company Site Load
Total Client Site Load

Which reports are generated by this site?
Summary of Indirect Rates Report (includes all pools, bases and rate calculations)
General & Administrative Report
Company Site Overhead Report
Client Site Overhead Report
Fringe Benefits Report
Unallowable Costs Report
Other Direct Costs Report

Which charts are generated by this site?
Load Comparison Chart
Rate Comparison Chart
Base Comparison Chart

Which databases are compared in the charts?
You can compare up to five databases at a time.  You are not restricted to the number of databases that you can upload.

How do I use the rates, reports and charts?
This is explained inside of the Getting Started and Help files included in the sample files as well as the subscription service and the downloadable software.

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